Annabelle Bradford - Graphic Design Student
2014 is where my design journey really began. Having studied Fine Art throughout school (and as university applications approached), I was forced to decide what I wanted to do. 
In January 2015, I moved to Hong Kong for 6 months. This was such good prep for uni life and it gave me the opportunity to experience design. I worked at a Magazine, for an International School, alongside a free-lance designer at a company called Onoko, at a church and I also did a couple of projects for friends and family. What better way to learn some new skills and start building a portfolio! It was incredible to be able to live in a different culture and do a bit of travelling. 
So in September 2015 I started my degree in Graphic Design at the University of Gloucestershire, which brings us up to now, the summer of 2016, having finished my first year ... time flies!
I hope you enjoy looking through my work and if you want to get in touch my email is anniebradford1@hotmail.com

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