Brief: To redesign the cover for To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
Response:  I wanted a childish, hand drawn feel to reflect that the narrative is done by young Scout Finch. The main idea was to flip the perspective of the story, to that of Boo Radley, who was probably watching, all the goings on of the community, the whole time. Therefore the front and back cover are both perspectives of the shutter. Also on the back I used one element of colour  to contrast the black and white. This was to make people think about the theme of light and dark in the novel. 
Note: As an extra, for our University module, we were required to think about how we may go about promoting the book. I aimed mine at GCSE kids, for whom To Kill a Mockingbird is often part of the curriculum. It therefore needed to be interactive, fun, but still educational, and also something all ages could enjoy. The point was this would be something people would talk about as it disrupts the norm.

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